Mitsubishi to PC-6 Porter
Welcome to my humble web site regarding my work for x-plane flightsimulator by Laminar Research. Within these few pages you will find information, progress and images regarding the Mitsubishi A6M21 now available for purchase and WIP images and information for the Pilatus PC-6 Porter. Please read more Mitsubishi Zero or Please read more PC-6 WIP
HMS Jackdaw WWII Airfield

In 2009 HMS JACKDAW won best scenery of the year as voted by members of the x-plane comunity. This fully detailed WWII airfield took 12 months to produce and contains some very unique objects and animations.

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EGOD WWII Themed Airfield

EGOD is a fun WWII theamed airfield enjoyed by anyone who loves to fly Warbirds. EGOD is the only airfield to have active air traffic throughout the day

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